Friday, August 8, 2014

Vacation - Part II

So many adventures I had to split into 2 posts.... Oh my.....

Kaleb, Jaxon and my mom picked me up at the airport
(There were happy tears to see them)

We had lunch with my cousin Shelly (who just relocated back to Bozeman) and the boys played with their cousin Paige. 

And we went school shopping 
These hats are all the rage, apparently

Stopped in at Walter's - the future ACE helpers to show off school clothes

Played at the playground

Swam some more
Went boating at the Ruby Dam

Shot BB guns 

Ate delicious banana splits

Took a ride up Alder Gulch (we are not in the tour wagon) but I thought it was a cool photo

Gorgeous view
Riding In the back of the truck with cousin Sophie

Fossil hunting
And gold panning
And hanging out in my uncle's cabin
Montana boys :)

Then we headed over to spend a few days with my dad and stepmom

The boys got gifts from Unlce Travis and Aunt Giselle
And we finally got to meet Maila! My niece and the boys' first cousin. 
She is bilingual - which is pretty impressive! 
Giselle is from Argentina and has taught Maila Spanish as her primary language, but she also has learned English. It is amazing to experience this communication!
My brother Travis has a client who has a we borrowed it and went out on Hebgen Lake
 and went tubing.
Remember Eric's extra small life preserver on Lake Tahoe? Well, I got to have one this time around. 
I'm such a dork.

Jaxon and Uncle Travis

Grandpa and Kaleb man the boat

Me and Maila selfie

My most favorite photo

Our pretty decent attempt at a group selfie

Of course we had to go into Yellowstone National Park!

Geyser viewing

Jaxon didn't even plug his nose the whole time :)

Such a great photo with G. Bonnie & G. Garry

I had a memorable day with these two!

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Next morning: kayak on Quake Lake with Garry

Another selfie: what did we do before our iPhones? 

Bald eagle and her baby

It was gorgeous out on the water.

The Yellowstone Aerial Course opened in West Yellowstone this summer
This was unanimously the boys' most favorite thing we did on vacation.....
You can see why:
Kaleb zip lining

Jaxon and me on the Jr. Ranger course 

So macho in their gear!!

I was a little nervous for him just because they told us kids had to be 65lbs to get across the zip line, so I feared Kaleb wouldn't make it across and would have to be rescued, but he made it!

And LOVED IT! Adrenaline junkie.....
We had spectators. 

Back to Sheridan, my bro Jon had just gotten back from a work trip in North Carolina - it was great to see him!
Catching up with Mike & Jon

One last pool party - with Kaleb's best friend from preschool in Dillon. He misses Trenton a LOT!

I remember days like these when I was a kid!

The vacation would not be complete without being in a parade for Sheridan Days representing my parent's store, Charles Walter's, Inc. with cousins and throwing candy. This was the second favorite thing the boys participated in! 

Me, my cousin Shelly & my mom pulling the float

Parker throwing, um I mean eating, candy

Here we are in the car - 900 miles to go. THANK GOD for iPads & iPods!

Feeling sad to leave, yet excited to get back home. A month is a long time to be gone! 
And we all missed daddy!
Pit stop at Idaho Falls for lunch
Going 85ish (speed limit is 80 so don't freak out people) on the 80 (yes I was BORED) 
Nevada is not a fun state to drive through

Last stop before home - Sparks, NV in Scheel's sporting goods store to get soccer equipment
There was a Ferris wheel in the store
HOME at last! Daddy had a treasure hunt setup for them and he was the treasure at the end!!! 
It was cool. (Note Kaleb's soccer gear) 

Will someone unload the car for me?

Memories were made, goodbyes were said, tears were shed, miles were driven. 
Home is where our hearts are, and this is home for now - California. 
Montana is where our roots are, and they will also be intact. Our family will always be there too, and yes, we miss them terribly and love them so much! 
Thanks to ALL our family & friends for making July so memorable! 
We will not forget our 2014 summer in Montana!

COME VISIT SOON! (Please)...